We have great grass seed for all your lawn needs!

Green Velvet Finest Mix

Shady Grass Seed Mix

Excellent choice for shady areas.  Germinates 7-14 days.


Turf Type Tall Fescue

Low maintenance, wear and drought tolerant.  Sun to part shade.  Germinates 7-14 days.

Premium Blue Grass

Leaf texture, full sun to part shade.  Germinates 7-14 days.


Perennial Rye Grass

Three of the best endophyte enhanced perennial rye grasses.  Germinates 7 days.

If seeding a lawn isn't what you are looking for, try our Premium Kentucky Bluegrass sod.

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Need help deciding which fertilizer is right for you?

Every fertilizer product has three numbers listed on the package (usually on the front). These three numbers give you an indication of what the produce will do. The numbers represent Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium, and they are always listed in that order.  The values listed for each number is the percentage of each component in that package.


An easy way to remember the functions of the chemicals is to think, "up, down and all around".

Nitrogen - The first number listed, helps with the plants growth above ground.  It promotes the green leafy growth of foliage and it provides the ingredients used to produce lush green lawns.  Lawn fertilizers usually have a high first number.

Phosphorus - The second number listed, establishes growth below the ground.  It takes care of the root systems.  It is also responsible for the flower and root production.  Starter type fertilizers for your lawn or fertilizers designed for flower power, usually have a high middle number.

Potassium - The third number listed, is important for overall plant health.  It helps build strong cells within the plant tissue enabling the plant to withstand many stresses like heat, cold, pests and diseases. Winterizer fertilizers will have a high third number.

Sweet Peet Organic
Sweet Peet Organic

Sweet Peet

Sweet Peet is a 100% organic product made from ingredients harvested from local farming perations, as well as the Cleveland Zoo.  Sweet Peet is the most versatile organic material available.  Its widely used as a top coat for larger flower beds and vegetable gardens or to prepare areas for new grass seed.  It will help loosen, fortify and balance the soil's chemistry.

Milky Spore Grub Control is an all natural, Japanese beetle grub control. Developed by the USDA, it controls the grub stage of the Japanese beetle and does not harm beneficial insects, humans or animals. Once applied, it can last for many years. Apply on open lawns, mulch beds, flower gardens and vegetable gardens. Active ingredient: Spores of Bacillus popilliae.