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Asparagus is a popular vegetable crop that can be successfully grown in Ohio gardens. A desirable aspect of asparagus culture is that annual planting is not required because once the crop is fully establishes (3 yrs), it can be productive for 12-15 year or more!

We carry Jersey Giant and Mary Washington.

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Onion Sets
Growing onions from small sets is the easiest way to grow onions. They can handle the early cool spring weather and will begin setting out roots fairly quickly. Onion sets tend to have a higher success rate than direct sowing onion seeds or transplants. We typically carry red, white, and yellow onion sets.

Seed Potatoes

Potatoes are best grown from planting seed potatoes. They are tubers with 'eyes' that you can use to grow new potatoes. On average one pound of seed potato should yield 10 pounds of new edible potatoes.

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Espoma Organic® Garden-tone® 3-4-4
Herb and Vegetable Food

Natural and organic fertilizer with Bio-tone beneficial microbes, which have been proven to help plants establish faster, develop deeper roots,
and produce superior blooms.

Provides safe, continuous feeding for all vegetables.

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