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Asparagus is a popular vegetable crop that can be successfully grown in Ohio gardens. A desirable
aspect of asparagus culture is that annual panting is not required because once the crop is fully establishes (3 yrs), it can be productive for 12-15 year or more!

Garden-tone All-Natural Plant Food 3-4-4 formula is enhanced with Bo-tone beneficial microbes, which have been proven to help plants establish faster, develop deeper roots, and produce superior blooms. Originally developed for professional gardeners. Provides safe, continuous feeding for all vegetables.


Planting seed potatoes at the right time is important. Seed potatoes growing in soil that is too cold and wet may rot while potatoes that grow in soil that is too warm, may not produce well. It is best to plant seed potatoes after the chance of hard frost has past, but while you are still experiencing light frosts.

We carry 4 varieties; Kennebec, Katahdin, Red Pontiac,

and Yukon Gold.

Onions are a cold-season crop, easy to grow because of their hardiness. One option is to use onion sets, which can be planted without worry of frost damage and have a higher success rate than direct seed or transplants. This year we have red, white, and yellow onion sets.

We also have garlic bulbs, seed packets, bulks seeds, and grass seed in stock! 


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