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There are a lot of exclusive clubs out there but none of them have the

Garden Center benefits that the Andy's Garden Frequent Buyer Club gives you!

Receive one point for every $25 of merchandise purchased pre-taxed.*

When you accumulate 15 points on your card, redeem it on your next visit for 
$25 of FREE merchandise. (Not valid online, in-store purchases only)

(Excludes: Gift Cards, Services, Custom Work, Wire Outs and Delivery Fees)

Members must bring their Club card with them each time they shop. Members must present their Club card every time they make a purchase, in order to have that purchase counted toward their Club card validation.,
(in-store purchases only-same day purchases only)

Sorry, purchases will not be split up to earn points. Points will not be added to card if card is not shown at time of purchase. 

Frequent Buyer Cards have no cash value and are nontransferable. No points earned when redeeming Club card. Not responsible for lost/stolen cards. Must give 24-48 hrs for activation of Frequent Buyer Cards after sign up. Purchases made before FBC sign up will not be added to card. Business Accounts not valid for FBC Program.

We do reserve the right to alter, limit, or modify Frequent Buyer Club rules, regulations, rewards, and reward levels - or to terminate the Frequent Buyer Club card program at any time - at our discretion.

Previous FBC card with stamps will be voided when signing up for the New FBC Loyalty Program. Purchases made before FBC sign up will not be added to a card. Previous FBC cards with stamps will expire 6/3/19.

*After all discounts/coupons

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