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Andys Garden Making the world a beautiful place one flower at a time
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All of this rain has been great for watering our lovely landscapes and gardens. Unfortunately, all of the standing water it left behind attracts mosquitoes!
No worries! We have just what you need to help out with those annoying pests!

Summit Chemical Mosquito Bits

Mosquito Bits contain the biological larvacide BTI. The BTI in Mosquito Bits provides an extremely fast and effective way to quickly kill large populations of mosquito larvae. When spread on standing water where mosquitoes breed, Mosquito Bits granules release a biological mosquito larvicide at the water's surface. As they settle in the water, hungry mosquito larvae eat the Bits and die. They can be used in virtually all standing water.


Summit Chemical Mosquito Dunks

Mosquito Dunks are the only larvicide with BTI effective beyond mosquito generation. Safe for use in fish habitats and animal watering troughs, effective in controlling 100 sq. ft. of water for a least thirty days.


Mosquito Repellent Coils

Mosquito Coils are designed to be used in backyard, deck, patio and campsite settings to repel mosquiotes and other insects. When burned, each coil releases in the smoke, a small amount of insecticide that repels biting insects. Much more effective than citronella candles. Each coil will last 5 to 7 hours.


It may be super hot during the day, but at night it gets a little cooler. There's no better time to sit out and enjoy the summer night than while the sun is setting. Once the darkness hits, we have the perfect set of lanterns for you to use to light up the backyard, deck, or patio!

These colorful lanterns put a modern twist on a classic design. The battery operated LED lighted lanterns are crafted in painted metal with clear glass and are available in red, white, black, and yellow designs!



Spotlight - Ultimate Solar Lights!

For Hanging Baskets

-Slimline styling is light and bright
-Light shines DOWN to accent plants
-Patent pending design works on a variety of
hanging baskets - wire, chain, or plastic

For Patio Planters

-Crackled glass provides amazing light patterns!
-Light shines DOWN to accent plants
-Elegant, copper finish hanging stake will accent any container


Decorate the outdoor patio with new, brightly colored furniture!


Plenty of bird baths to choose from to spruce up your garden/lawn.




Perennial Plant of the Year™ 

Geranium xcantabrigiense 'Biokovo'
USDA Zones 4 to 8

Light: Bikovo performs best in sun to partial shade.

Soil: This geranium prefers average, well-drained soil.

Uses: This perennial offers beautiful brightnes

and delicate scent inlightly shaded, partly sunny areas at the front

of borders or as a groundcover.

Unique Qualities: 'Biokovo' showcases delicate pinkish-white flowers

in spring, that give way to beautiful reddish orange fall leaf color.

Perennial Plant Association 2015


Super Summer Savings!!!

Select Hydrangeas 50% off reg price

30% off Potted Annuals

Select Roses 3 Gallon 30% off $24.99-$29.99 reg. price

Decorative Pottery 40% off reg. price (Excludes: Akro, Bloem & Clay pots)

Sloggers 40% off reg. price

Casual Furniture, Concrete Benches and more....

Clearance Items 25-50% off reg. price

Some exclusions may apply. In-store purchases only. Excludes previous purchases.

No guarantee on plants discounted 50% or more. Excluding previous purchases.


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